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Cardboard, plastic and polystyrene trays

Cardboard, plastic and polystyrene trays

Elegance, versatility and resistance.

Microwave cardboard technologies and compact polythened cardboard make it suitable for all kinds of foods and resistant to fatty substances and water. The possibility of high-quality printing directly on the pack ensures the brand enhancement and clear consumer information. It is an ecological and fully recyclable product.


-Strength: the trays are suitable to be filmed or packed with system Flow Pack.
-Printable: in flexography or offset to create the perfect mix between cost of the plants, graphic performance and the cost of the tray.

Our plastic punnets have an innovative side ventilation system called “F Concept”, allowing for a 25% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere during the pre-cooling phase of fruit and vegetables.
Besides, thanks to the new mono material handle free of metal rivets, all our punnets are now 100% recyclable.